Endless Boss Fight

Empty Die Studio

Indie Cup S’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
Подлый бедуин попался в пещеру-ловушку и теперь его ждут 16 битв с боссом.
Never enter unknown caves... She's inside... in a burning desire to torment you for an eternity. Take a fight or the daylight will fade for you forever... Although, this might be what you deserve...

The furious storm blurred everything around but the burning sands of the desert...
He threw a plaintive glance at the cart... Broken.

"Oh, you've noticed that cave!"
The last words which his ear would catch?
Could be.

Endless Boss Fight is an action-adventure third person game with elements of hack 'n' slash.
Will you dare snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? No one knows but Her.

She knew you would come.
She studied you, your weaknesses, your obsessions. And you?
You walked straight into her trap, like a toddler.
And now she'll do whatever to make the daylight fade for you forever. She has everything in the palm of her hand.
And you are not an exception.

Study your enemy, unravel their wills, interfere their moves.
Act faster: breath in the sweet air of victory and feel the bitter sting of defeat.

Astra will never let you go, she is just mocking you.

Astra's strength grows with each of your victories.
Take tactical moves and choose your next step wisely if you still hope to get out of her trap...

She is treacherous, deceitful and lying. She has many aces up her sleeve.
Be attentive: maybe it's not only about physical strength?

Face it, she is way cooler than you.
You never know where she will take you...
To the snow-covered mountains or to the burning netherworld...?

You never know what senses she will deprive you of...
Of vision? Or maybe of self-control?

She is playing with you. Will you dare win the game without rules of yours?
Empty Die Studio - команда из четырех человек (Endless Boss Fight делали трое).

В ноябре 2020 года выпустили свой первый проект - визуальную новеллу Untale: KIng of Revinia. Игры начали делать два с половиной года назад на личные средства. Хотели погрузиться в геймдев, реализовать свое видение. Воплотить в жизнь свои сюжеты и идеи механик.

Сейчас заканчиваем свой второй проект, третий готов к старту и жаждет быть реализованным. За то время, что занимаемся разработкой игр, многое поняли, отменили несколько проектов, пересмотрели отношение к независимой разработке, к издателям и к инвесторам.

Состав команды:
Денис Зимнинский - продюссер, сценарист и геймдизайнер
Александра Ковригина - маркетолог, редактор-переводчик и дизайнер
Артемий Назаренко - сопродюсер, разработчик и геймдизайнер
Даниил Назаренко - разработчик