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Indie Cup S’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
A / S’21 / Winner 005 (Streamers’ Choice)
S’21 / Shortlist 001 (Best PC Game)
S’21 / Shortlist 005 (Streamers’ Choice)
S’21 / Shortlist 009 (Best Unity Game)
Смесь рогалика и автошахмат.
Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’re on the right side of the conflict. Exploit puny humans to extract power and build your own empire!


  • Humor as dark as your ex’s heart. Immerse yourself in the life of a merciless tyrant!!

  • Resource management on steroids. Think fast, to the point, and abandon pity!

  • Rogue-lite. Every walkthrough is unique due to randomly generated events. And every failure is fatal — you’ll have to start over!

  • Easy to learn, hard to master. It only takes a couple minutes to figure out the game’s mechanics, but using them optimally is no small feat!

В начале пути — три чувака из Питера, заигрывающие с Деспотизмом, а сейчас — восемь человек из разных углов России, кто любит пиксельное инди.