Cradle of Links VR


Indie Cup W’17

Бета, релиз в марте 2017
VR shooter/puzzle inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.

The main thing that distinguishes the Cradle of Links VR from the majority of other projects under HTC Vive is the complete freedom of movement on game locations. We chose not to use teleportation mechanics as the chosen way to move so as to help immersion and keep the player ‘in’ the world. We understand the risks connected with such movement, but it is our conscious choice.

Be sure to study carefully that which is around you for secret places, weapon and supplies, and to solve puzzles. As for how you choose to fight, that choice is yours. Changing of bodies will allow you access to other routes and get you past obstacles.

You will also need to be mindful of your energy levels. Using bodies drains its levels, so it is extremely important within the game to refill your reserves where and when you can. It is possible just to replace swap with another body, having moved your consciousness, but the more efficient you are the better off you will be. It is something you will need to manage as the game goes on. If things get tough you can even call upon a bigger, more toxic dose of enzymes to boost your damage capabilities.