Indie Cup W’21

Пре-альфа Альфа Бета Готовы к релизу Вертикальный срез Ранний доступ
W21 / 008 / Best Audio / Winner
W21 / Best Audio / Shortlist
W21 / Critics’ Choice / Shortlist
Cat-o-Combo! - ожившая классика 90-ых годов. Игра создавалась под впечатлением от легендарных Supaplex и Boulder Dash. Нам было важно сохранить дух старых игр, сложность загадок, фатальную выверенность каждого шага, азарт и неподдельную радость от прохождения тяжелого уровня.
Enter the Catacombs!

Funny cat Plexy with his own paws many a time dug up a treasure tray before becoming famous as one of the most legendary tomb raiders of modern times. That is why Professor Kotenhauer turned to him as he found the location of the Abandoned City. And that means it's time to go on a trip! In the archaeological society there is a purr that countless treasures are kept inside the walls of the abandoned temples. And in the very heart there is the mystical All-Stone with the begging of the Catapocalypse foretold.

Collect all the treasures - take the challenge of the Abandoned City and put your paws on all the wealth in his fifty tombs. Each catacomb is more complicated than the previous one, and the further you go, the more tricky riddles will be and the more dangers you will face.

Watch your tail! - Kotzelcoatal, ruler of the Abandoned City, was known as a cruel tyrant. According to legends, he never gave his subjects those cat love bites! Uneducated curs believe that the All-Stone magical paw-er gave its owner nine lives! But do not believe these fairy tales for blind kittens! Every decent cat has only one life.

Simple mechanics - extremely simple game mechanics will not let you get lost in control. Forget about jumping, rolling or cat-ching. There is nothing like that – just go and play!

Pixel Van Cat - catacombs never been so colourful and cute! Purrrfect pixel art immerses you in an atmosphere of not-actually-so-creepy ancient civilizations. Each ear, whisker and tail is made with endless love for kitties.

Touch the classics - a game inspired by the immortal Boulder Dash and Supaplex takes a new form. Experienced players will appreciate the long-forgotten gameplay, and beginners will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the classics. Hello from the 90s!
Bogiganga - команда из одного человека. Но это имя так же объединяет десятки неравнодушных людей: талантливых 2д и пиксель-арт художников, аниматоров, музыкантов и саунд-дизайнеров, тестировщиков, коллег, друзей, игроков и... маму :)

Создавать игры было давней мечтой, и вот, через тернии, первый проект подходит к релизу. Но, путешествие котика Плекси будет лишь началом! Увидимся на бескрайних полях игровых миров!