Accident On the Simple Rd

Station 437


Social deduction game about Civilians and Maniacs.


Civilians have to repair the school bus or sniff out and expulse all Maniacs with limited supplies. Maniacs have to prevent Civilians to complete their goals.

Each player has a house with supply box. Front house door and supply box can be opened by house owner only. Backyard garage door is always open for all in a house.

House has keys which can be stealed by other players. The key gives possibility to open front house door and boxes. Supply box contains items to satisfy the demands.

Sometimes some players receive the demand (food, water, etc). They must satisfy this demand, otherwise they lost HP. To expulse a player you must stun him/her with cuffs. After that others must voted on him/her to expulse.

Maniacs can kill players, hide spare parts in hidden places or eat supplies.

О команде

One-man team.