Indie Cup Germany’22

Yarn Guardians

pentapaw studios

Main Idea

The cute Mienyans fly through various worlds and collect powerful Yarn Balls to keep the peace. The gameplay is an action-adventure with Metroidvania & Shoot'em up elements which also can be played in local or online co-op.

Main Description

Yarn Guardians is a shoot'em up inspired action-adventure game that stands out for its Metroidvania-like level structure and cute art style.

Our protagonists are winged cats who follow in the footsteps of the legendary Yarn Guardians and search for the powerful Yarn Balls to keep peace in their world.

The story campaign is playable solo or in co-op mode (online and local), where players have the opportunity to defeat alternate enemies in different ways using different Yarn Balls, experience the story through humorous dialogue, and explore the diverse semi-linear levels. In addition, two to four players can measure their skills in Versus mode.

Yarn Guardians stands out for its charming artstyle, which also appeals to casual gamers, and thus joins the growing niche of wholesome games. However, the game clearly stands out from the shoot 'em up genre. On the one hand, the cute look of the characters places Yarn Guardians in the sub-genre of so-called Cute 'Em Ups. And on the other hand, the extensive semi-linear level design, the dialogs and the story told through them clearly set it apart from the competition. These aspects gain additional quality through the hand-drawn visuals, traditional animation and individual artstyle. The overall package is supported by an exciting story with surprising twists, which gives the game world life and depth.

About Developer

First Van An drew and animated the cute Mienyans for his diploma thesis. Philip brought in the idea to make a game out of it and took over the programming. Then Vlad came in as composer and level artist. Finally, Regina completed the team as an additional artist with know-how in business administration and marketing.