Project Introduction

Explore the picturesque coastal town of Bookstonbury-by-the Sea as you make a living selling used books out of your trailer and befriend the locals. Build your small business, discover wonderful locations, help out the community, solve mysteries, and become a part of the town's story.

The dreamy town of Bookstonbury-by-the-Sea has seen better days, for sure. But at its heart is a community dedicated to reviving the town. Help them out by bringing the gift of used books to the people. Find each person the perfect book at the perfect time – that is your mission. Make the Tiny Bookshop your own by painting it a funky color and absolutely plastering it with plants. Plants and fairy lights, yeeess.
The core gameplay loop is split in 4 simple phases:

1. Buy used books
2. Select a location for the day
3. Select what books to bring to that location
4. Lean back, sell books, and chat with the locals

One loop of tiny bookshop takes about two minutes, making it a great fit for gamers on the go, while the mechanics and depth can easily sustain hour-long play-sessions. Speaking of depth, this core-loop might sound deceptively simple, however, below the surface level activities lie many secret mechanics, game-changers and special events to be uncovered during play.

About Developer

neoludic games is a young indie studio from Cologne, Germany. Despite its 1-year-short existence, neoludic has developed a number of experimental projects, among them a virtual children's-books-fair for the Oetinger publishing house, a massive-multiplayer-online walking game for 22 French-Canadian schools, and a screenless AR installation for the Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs. Now neoludic has secured a grant to work on its original IP, Tiny Bookshop, a game combining the longing for a community with the desire for change felt by many during the pandemic. Development on a vertical slice of Tiny Bookshop will start in September 2022, with a less tiny team of 6 developers.