Indie Cup Germany’22

Tiles and Towers TD

Max Ritters

Main Idea

A 3D tower defense where not only the towers matters but also the ground that alters the towers. Spiced up with randomized wave modifications, skilltree, unique towers and spells. Voila! You get Tiles and Towers TD!

Main Description

The game starts as your usual Tower Defense. After each wave you choose between two tiles with different effects e.g, splash, chance to stun or increased range.

That tile can be placed wherever you want on the battlefield. Each tower builded on this tile gets the effects from tile.

But choose wisely:
Whenever you pick a tile it also powers the next wave with special modifier like invisibility, healing, faster speed, stronger armor and many more

After a level you earm stars based on your performance that you can spend on the skilltree to unlock new passives, towers and spells.

- A lot of upgradable towers with unique effects
- Over 10 ground tiles that enchant all towers placed on
- Different enemies, each with own abilities and resistances
- Powerfull bosses that will test your strategic abilities
- Unlock spells like a mighty meteor storm to crush your enemies
- Over 20 wave modifier to change every playtrough

About Developer

Hi, I'm Max, 28 years old and living near Münster. I completed my education as game programmer in January 2022 at School of Games Cologne.
I'm working with Unity since five years and already published a few games on Steam. All on my own.
Also I'm working at a small Game Studio in Dortmund that focuses on porting games to consoles.

Tiles and Towers TD is my own project that I'm working on after work. It's my passion to work on games and Germany has a lot to offer and so many creative minds.