Indie Cup Germany’22

Super Dungeon Maker


Main Idea

A creative pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games. Choose however many levels, enemies, secret rooms, traps, and items you want. Challenge your friends and the community to master your dungeon or play the countless dungeons of the community!

Main Description

Create & Play the dungeons of your dreams
The classic action-adventure dungeon experience of your dreams is about to be made... by you! Create and share your very own dungeons, then play a nearly infinite number of highly creative, trap-ridden dungeons made by other creators worldwide.

Share your dungeons with your friends, family, or community
Unleash your creative streak as a dungeon creator and place as many enemies, floors, and secret paths as you like. Make the journey more difficult for your friends with countless traps and hidden spikes.

Play built-in dungeons or play the dungeons of your friends and the community. Solve their puzzles and defeat the enemies you encounter during your adventures. Find hidden hearts to replenish your health and make it to the final boss.

Become a hero of the most impossible dungeons the community can come up with.
Show everyone that your dungeon is the best!

About Developer

We think ahead. We think differently.
Inspired by Nintendo® we offer cross-platform entertainment for all people of all ages. To us, proactive and transparent communication with our community is a crucial and indispensable part of our work.

To us, the wishes and preferences of our community come first. Therefore, as a gamer, you are what all our decisions are about. It is you who sets our goals. We don't just see ourselves as a company developing good games. After all, here at rokaplay, we're all gamers ourselves who firmly believe that only with a strong community we can develop great games.

To us, "WIN/WIN" is not just an empty slogan. We live by that mindset, both within our team and when dealing with our partners. We offer each and every development studio a fair share to help them stay sustainable in the long run. It's very close to our hearts to find not just business partner, but partners who then become friends in an intense, honest and fair collaboration. Together we can achieve great things and create extraordinary games.