Indie Cup Germany’22


Beardshaker Games

Main Idea

Soulitaire is a cozy Choose Your Own Adventure mixed with a fortune-telling Solitaire.
Catch a glimpse of the future and interpret the cards’ meaning.
Do you see which future they foretell?

Decide your customers’ fate, and become a part of their life!

Main Description

The game is a love letter to Coffee Talk x Solitaire x Fortune Telling.

You own a new small cafe, where you offer fortune telling. The core loop has 4 parts:
1: Conversation:
- Get to know people
- Get Questions about the future

2: Solitaire
- Play a solitaire variation to reveal the soul card
- Use skills based on character progression (skills will be added to the prototype with more content creation)

3: Divination
- Interpret the soul card
- Decide what you see in the future

4: Mixed Activity
- Meet new guests
- Face consequences
- Build up your business (create flyers, Decorate your Cafe)

* Unique comic book art style

* Relaxed narrative game with modern characters

* Choose Your Own Adventure
- Freedom of choice
- Random encounters (besides the main chars)
- Different paths and endings depending on interpretation of soul cards

* RPG Solitaire (will be added in a later development state)
- Skills based on characters and their progression
- Develop and upgrade different divination skills

The game plays in a "normal" world with some special fantasy hotspots. (So there will be some mystery about those fantasy chars)
Each guest has his/her/them/[...] own small or big story, which will vary by your divination and decisions.
There will be slice-of-life stories of "normal" people, as well as some special fantasy spiced-up slice-of-life stories about your neighbours in the house of the cafe.

The player has as less representation as possible to give all players room to fill this spot. The player herself has no age and sex and can decide if she believes in something like fate.

We want to make the players reflect on themselves by interpreting the ambigous drawn Soul Cards. Do they see good things? Bad things? Nothing? And what will they tell the guests?
Think about it and get in touch with the guests in the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of your cafe.

About Developer

We’re a small indie team of talented beards residing in the beautiful harbour city of Hamburg. In our little creative space, we work on special games for you.

With our project, we are part of a Hamburg delegation for the Indie Arena Booth at GamesCom 22.
We are also part-time lecturers at the games master study program at the "HAW Hamburg" and support the upcoming game dev students. They work on student projects and we on Soulitaire. We discuss a lot about our actual projects because we love the hands-on learning process.

Souli will be in some smaller german events in the upcoming year!