Indie Cup Germany’22

School of Magic


Main Idea

School of Magic is a roguelike where each run provides a unique skilltree. Combine spells to create a build powerful enough to take down the hordes of enemies waiting for you. A magician always has to make the right decision, do you have what it takes?

Main Description

You can imagine School of Magic as the child of Diablo 2 and Slay the Spire. The leveling system is similar to the deck buildings found in Slay the Spire, while the combat and exploration are taken from Diablo 2, meaning the combat does not require any dexterity. The Meta game is more akin to the deckbuilding of Magic the Gathering, this replaces the usual class structure of roguelikes. The deck you build before the game represents the pool if cards you can find during a run. The game takes place in the School of Magic a place only existing in the magic realm. One morning you get teleported into the school and once you are their you try to find out why you ended up there and how you can get out. But the librarian isn't really helpful and always forces to to take exams before he gives you any additional information.

About Developer

My name is Nikolas Crisci and I am a Solodev form Würzburg Germany. I am working on School of Magic in part-time (1 day a week) the rest of the week I am working with Gentle Troll another indie studio from Würzburg. I am also active in helping out to organize the Würzburg and sometimes Nürnberg Indie outposts (a local meetup for game devs) and I am also helping to organize the Franken game jam.