Indie Cup Germany’22

Rogue Command


Main Idea

Rogue Command is a classic RTS game fused with roguelike deckbuilding. Collect resources, build a base, assemble an evolving deck full of powerful combos, and push back the ravaging robots.

Main Description

A new single player RTS experience

Rogue Command is a classic real-time strategy game fused with modern roguelike deckbuilding. Build a base, collect resources, assemble an evolving deck full of powerful combos, and push back the ravaging robots in this ever-changing single player experience.

Familiar but fresh

Rogue Command plays like a classical RTS. You use the Engineer to construct a base. Start building up your army. Scout your enemy to form a plan of attack. And control your units to outmaneuver the enemy - a big robo corporation exploiting and devastating the planets of your solar system.

Discover crazy builds

Instead of learning build orders by heart, each run of the game opens new ways of play. After every level you choose between new blueprint cards that add a new building to your arsenal, like factories, support buildings, turrets or super weapons. You can upgrade your units and buildings or apply global modifiers that add new abilities. Choose wisely to create powerful synergies and combos that allow you to outsmart the overwhelming force of the enemy hordes. Utilize the nano-darkness of robo-necromancy to swarm your foes or set the maps ablaze with fiery chain reactions consuming forests and opposition alike.

Use the environments

Discover how to use the procedurally generated environments to your advantage. Lure the enemy into billowing fog that slows them to a crawl or stun them by blowing up electrified bushes. Choose a path that plays to your strengths on the overworld map. Discover chests with exciting power-ups or ruins with hidden technologies that might be the key to victory… or full of unwanted surprises.

About Developer

Feneq is a mindmeld of two friends who have been working together for more than 10 years and in 2019 set out to build something new together. While the focus of Martin is more on the technical side and Marios more on the game design side, the game we are working on is a truly collaborative product that transcends what either of us could bring to the table alone.

While in the beginning the idea was to extend the team, we soon discovered that there is a certain magic in working as a duo. The uncanny compatibility in the way our minds work, lets us each bring our very distinct skills and experiences to the table while almost always having the same outcome in mind. And so we have been working full time on Rogue Command, our debut title for close to three years now and with our demo out for a while and the overwhelmingly warm responses, we can’t wait to finish the game and see where it takes us.