Erkberg Games

So many things we take for granted and don't even notice anymore in our everyday routines.
But there is beauty all around us, we just need to pay attention.
Rediscover that beauty and appreciate fascinating things like the moon, clouds and trees anew in intimate experiences.

- Around a dozen things to discover and experience
- Emotional, magical soundtrack
- Atmospheric silhouette artstyle
- Casual, accessible gameplay
- Short playtime of about 1h
- Two game modes: Wholesome & relaxed / Concerning & challenging

About Developer

The team consists of a single developer, myself. I am Erik Schulze, 35 years old, live in Berlin, and use the artist name "Erkberg".

I studied media informatics at TU Dresden, graduated in 2015 and already implemented smaller game projects during my studies.
Professionally, I have worked as a freelance programmer for Android and Unity and for more than four years as an employed programmer and Unity developer at Studio Fizbin GmbH, where I worked on Minute of Islands and many apps for children. Through my work at Studio Fizbin within the Saftladen collective, regular visits to the Amaze Festival and participation in various events, such as Talk-and-Play, I was able to network very well, especially within the Berlin developer scene.

Besides work, I have regularly participated in game jams, especially Ludum Dare, in my spare time for more than eight years. During this period I have created a total of about 40 small games. The game jams allowed me to significantly deepen my knowledge outside of programming, especially in terms of game design, graphics, writing and audio. An overwhelming majority of my game jam games were created entirely by me, from the idea to the concept, graphic design, music and sounds, programming etc. all the way to the "finished" game ("finished" is meant in the context of a 48h game jam here). Most of these games are playable on my site.

I founded my company Erkberg Games in October 2021 and have worked on creating Recollection ever since.