Indie Cup Germany’22

Panic Mode


Main Idea

Attention all humans – the planet’s only company is seeking a safety inspector intern to crisis-proof all corporate properties! Use contraptions to create evacuation routes that ensure the survival of valued employees in this casual simulation game

Main Description

Panic Mode was conceptualised with inspiration rooted in titles like Lemmings, The Sims, The Incredible Machine, and Ghost Master


Since adopting earth workplace cultures, disasters seem to happen a lot more often and no one is quite sure why. Instead of taking preventive architectural caution like say, fire escapes, the only company on the planet is deciding to hire you to prepare for any impending crises. Trial out corporate-provided tools (oft comprised of dangerous materials themselves) to create evacuation protocols that prevent imminent chaos and guide the alien species known as 'Pammies' to safety.

Disasters are likely to occur in any building - it’s your role to survey the area and plonk down contraptions to guide the employees to safety. These new crisis protocols will be used by the company for all future emergencies. After setting things up, run the crisis simulation to check the effectiveness of the safety protocol. In short - save the pammies! Or don't; the company will keep you on as an unpaid intern regardless of your performance.

- 8+ crisis management tools
- 15 properties in need of crisis-proofing
- 5 elements and hazards: fire, smoke, water, ice, and of course, explosives
- Empathetic and communicative company instructions
- Remote access to the ‘Pamperümpel Safety System’ software

About Developer

MobiusCode is working on the future of all things code. Inventors and gamers at heart we move the border further in the direction of new technologies and brand new gaming concepts for ourselves but also for our international customers.

Panic Mode was made possible with a combination of the Studio's own funds and through achieving grant funding from the German Bundestag. Currently MobiusCode is prepping to be a part of Gamescom with the help of Games Bavaria