Indie Cup Germany’22

Ova Magica

Claudia (ClaudiaTheDev)

Main Idea

Stardew Valley meets Pokémon! Experience a wholesome farm game inspired by the classics! Train cute blob creatures, take care of your farm and make friends with the people of Clover Town.

Main Description

You arrive in Clover Town, where the villagers live side by side with cute blob
creatures! As a newcomer, you’re entrusted with a rundown farm and your
very first blob.

● Ova Magica builds upon familiar farm sim mechanics. The game progresses
in days split across 3 seasons, which you can fill with numerous activities!

● Ova Magica combines genres! Your blobs can help you with everyday tasks,
as well as fend off foes. To breed stronger blobs, you need to train and feed
them with high-quality food, which you can grow on your farm.

● During the game you’ll make many friends, which unlocks numerous events,
dialogues, buildings and quests. And who knows... maybe the love of your life
awaits you, too?

● Want to find the rarest of treasures, and the most exotic of crops? You’ll need
to become strong enough to explore the dangerous blob worlds where these
rewards wait! With lots of training you could even win the annual Clover Cup,
and become the best trainer in Clover Town... will you be strong enough?

About Developer

Ova Magica is developed by ClaudiaTheDev (me). I live and was born in Germany.

My big dream is to run a small indie studio with employees in the future. I see Ova Magica as my ticket into the game industry (I have many more game ideas and dreams :-D). So a lot depends on the success of the game.

Initially, I worked on Ova Magica as a hobby after my regular full-time job. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign (February 2021), I have been able to develop the game full time since March 2021.