Studio Sterneck

Odbo! is about juicy 3D platforming, quirky coop action and oddly cute creatures in a colorful world. Supporting Offline Couch-Coop as well as Online multiplayer, up to 4 players face the challenge to find and wake the sleeping giants guarding their islands. Each island holds a set of challenges for players to overcome which are generated randomly every attempt. From traversal puzzles to tricky coop trials, the boss path is long and difficult. But the real treasure awaits when you finally face the guardian in a multi-stage boss fight. Carrying the trophies of a defeated boss, you make your way to the next sleeping guardian… dozily unaware of the mayhem about to come.

Your character can run, jump, dash and throw itself through the levels to accomplish victory. But Odbo! is designed as a coop game in its core. So helping other players, by letting them stack on you or simply sacrificing part of your life for a partner in trouble, is much needed if looking for a successful run!

About Developer

Studio Sterneck is an indie games studio and part of Kokolores, a creative Collective located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. We have been developing cooperative games and interactive applications since 2019, starting way back with game jams in our time in university. With the financial support of the regional fund MFG Baden-Württemberg our small team self-published the Offline-Coop Puzzler ‘Get Together’ in 2021 on Steam, iOS & Android. Since the beginning we are also helping other studios develop their visions and partnered up with local industry firms to create interactive solutions and software.