Indie Cup Germany’22


Manuel Schmuki

Main Idea

Step through the 4th wall… into the world of NUMINA! An exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects, a character-driven story with player choices, a dynamic battle system, puzzles and towns waiting to be explored and other exciting locations.

Main Description

## Key Features

### Breaking the 4th Wall
The 4th wall is a concept from theater where the actors on stage directly interact with the audience. In the same fashion, you partake in the story of Numina as a character in the form of a bodiless voice that only Shawn can hear - a guardian spirit. You can interact with Shawn and influence his decisions through dialogue choices in the game.

### Branching Decisions
The decisions you make influences the relationship
Shawn has with the other characters you'll meet in the game. Having good relationships with your party
members unlocks powerful combo-attacks in battle and may open up the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level. Your decisions also influence the overall course of the story to conclude into one of the four possible endings.

### Battle with the Elements
Engage in a round-based combat system with action
inputs for some attacks that require you to make timed inputs for maximum damage! Each character also has unique elemental abilities to exploit enemy
weaknesses. Incorporate this into your strategy to
quickly win battles.

### Explore the World of Alterna
Most side quests in Numina allow you to dive deeper into the backstory and lore of the world. But you can also explore the beautiful scenery with your grappling hook to reach higher places and find new gear, spell scrolls or rare items.

## Backstory
Numina takes place in the prosperous world of Alterna. Many people live a comfortable life thanks to the power of Life's Breath. A mysterious energy source used for technology that makes remote desert areas livable, power trade ships across the vast oceans without having to rely on wind and heal disease and linder pain.

Life's Breath enters Alterna through the temples of Proserpina - governed by the omnipresent authority called "The Ecclesia". The Ecclesia oversees many aspects of life in Alterna which not everyone is happy with. An underground group, simply called "the rebels" stir chaos and try to uncover the dark side of the order of the Ecclesia: Ruthless censorship, exploitation and even darker secrets waiting to be unveiled…

About Developer

Numina was developed by Manuel Schmuki, with Thomas J. Peters joining to create the game’s main soundtrack and clivenzu who created the main cast’s portraits.

Manuel used to spend hours in map editors of games making up his own levels and stories. Engines like RPG Maker or Unity later were a huge stepping stone to get into making actual games. Before studying “Games Programming” in Cologne, he used to work as a software developer. And from there it's mostly been just himself and in the case of Numina - it's been almost a decade of crafting this story in the world of Alterna.