Negative Atmosphere

Sunscorched Studios

Negative Atmosphere is a third person, over-the-shoulder survival horror game dedicated to dread, tension and trauma. Trapped aboard the voidship TRH Rusanov, Samuel Edwards must evade, fight and kill his former crew-mates as an outbreak transforms them into monsters. There's only one way out and an entire ship to cross. Danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Explore the depths of the Rusanov, pull whatever resources you can out of its guts, and run.

Treat the infection
As Chief Medical Officer of the Rusanov, Edwards has a confident, in-depth understanding of medicinal drugs. Routine medication can be repurposed for more creative ideas, or transformed into something more extreme. Whether attempting to save the injured, influence enemies or alter himself, Samuel's medical knowledge will be key to his survival. His main tool for this is the 'Syringe Gun', which he can use to apply drugs to enemies and allies including himself both at range and up close.

Every choice matters
Edwards has beliefs, past experiences and coping mechanisms that players will learn throughout Negative Atmosphere. This means that morality is not just about what you want as a player, as every decision will have an effect on Edwards. Learning his values is important: working with them or against them will affect Samuel's mental state and change how he reacts to events.

Dread for all
With extensive accessibility options most except the most faint of hearted will be able to experience the horrors Negative Atmosphere has to offer, be the blood green, purple or otherwise discoloured. Options at this time include: Full control rebinding, Dyslexia font, High Contrast Mode, Subtitles with options, directional damage indicator, Toggle / Hold options and many more.

Nowhere is safe
The Rusanov is infested with threats, from man and machine alike. Humans on board have mostly fallen victim to the outbreak, twisting their limbs and stretching their bodies into creatures that are near-unrecognisable. Robots are becoming unstable; some turn violent and roam the ship's corridors, while others break down in a state of utter panic. Between the remains of the crew, the confused husks of metal and other terrors that skulk in every shadow, every engagement could be Samuel's last.

Your survival is... unlikely.

About Developer

We are Sunscorched Studios: an indie games developer based in the United Kingdom. Our multi-national team is comprised of 10 core team members based in England, Germany, the US and Canada plus many valued partners and freelancers we work with on a regular basis.

Our journey started in 2019 at EGX Rezzed. The media attention we received and the support of our fans gave us the confidence to found our company and we’ve been expanding ever since.

We want to be known for crafting atmospheric, gritty, and dark horror experiences that are as unrelenting to the main character as they are to the player. Our focus is on delivering psychological horror through strong environmental storytelling and audio-visual design.

The Sunscorched team is bringing technical expertise, artistic prowess and practical experience together to turn nightmares into reality and deliver the survival-horror game that fans have been itching for.