Indie Cup Germany’22

M.S. Salmon


Main Idea

M.S. Salmon is a narrative concept, combined in a noir styled movie and fused with minigames.

Main Description

M.S. Salmon is an interactive 2D movie combined with a mix of railshooter, point&click, puzzle and quicktime-events. This game also combines the genre dramedy and horror. M.S. Salmon takes place in an antropomorphic world in the late 1920’s where our protagonists Ranieri (a fox) and Ben Hearnden (a penguin detective) have to solve a murder case on a luxury ship called M.S. Salmon. While the duo collect the evidences on the ship, they are'nt only coming closer to the truth of the case, but also lighting up their own dark pasts. M. S Salmon is in developing for Nintendo Switch & PC Steam. This game is also highlighted with the voice talents of german streamers & voice actors, including SIMON KRÄTSCHMER (Rocketbeans TV), RIEKE WERNER (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/Netflix) and VIET RUAN (Rocketbeans TV).

About Developer

SoybloQ is a collective specialized in animated content for feature films, series, videogames and musicvideos for production and studios such as Disney Television, Netflix, Sega or Warner Music.
With M.S. Salmon the small studio based in Düsseldorf also tackling the videogameindustry with their first game.