A Grumpy Fox

Originally the game was planned to be developed in 30 days. And it was called differently. Lunistice itself was - at that time - a Starfox-Like. And todays Lunistice was called Eversleep. Well. Things escalated. Eversleep became Lunistice and the development time was extended to one year and 30 days. And it is a Sonic-Like now. With crazy and unique level design. With a strong focus on the speedrunning community.

About Developer

A Grumpy Fox is a solo developer from Germany. He started developing the original Lunistice as a 2D Plattformer using Game Maker, then switched to Godot to make it a StarFox-Like, then switched to Unity. Then started a different game which then became todays Lunisitice. And finally it will see the light of the day.