Indie Cup Germany’22

Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero

OneManOnMars Art & Games

Main Idea

Leif and his sidekick Ghost must combine their strength to overcome the evil of the Netherworld. Along the way, they'll learn that friendship is the key strength of this story-driven, co-op action-adventure game.

Main Description

Leif's Adventure combines deep 2D-action-adventure mechanics with a heartwarming story and a co-op mode everybody can join in! Play Leif and his supernatural sidekick Ghost either in single-player or together with a friend. Explore huge worlds, and upgrade your arsenal and your skills. On your journey to find out what it takes to be a hero you'll meet new friends. Every level features an individual gameplay mechanic and a huge boss monster alongside many hidden places and treasures.
Separated from his hometown and his family Leif must find a way home and his role in life.

About Developer

OneManOnMars Art & Games is as indie as it gets! Dedicated to creating games with heart and soul. The one human "team" is working on Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Located in the beautiful city of Hamburg and supported by two freelancers Leif's Adventure is on its last meters to completion.