Indie Cup Germany’22

Jasper and the City of Lights

Rivers and Wine Studios

Main Idea

Let me tell you a story my friend. It is the journey of Jasper and a fallen star into the whispering forest to find his sister Nora. In the deepest of shadows an ancient spirit is lurking but there’s hope shining from the horizon: The City of Lights.

Main Description

When Jasper spends the summer vacations with his sister Nora at their grandparent's house, their happiness is abruptly torn apart when Nora suddenly vanishes.

Jasper and the City of Lights is a 3rd person, interactive 3D fairy tale that opens the door to a strange and mysterious world full of secrets and tales. Told in 4 books, each beautifully narrated chapter brings Jasper closer to finding his missing sister, and the truth about the mysterious place he unveils.

You accompany little Jasper on his journey to Myr, the City of Lights, which lies in the center of the mysterious forest the locals call “The Whispering Forest”. It is said that people have never returned from the Whispering Forest.
When Jasper enters it, in search for his sister Nora, he finds it freezing cold, covered in ice and snow, come to a standstill. It is inhabited by enigmatic characters and strange beings, whose stories flash like sparks in the darkness to unmask the secrets of this place.

Explore this mysterious world, find your way into the city of Myr and rescue Nora. Interact with a detailed environment and bring back life to the freezing forest by reigniting the candles, lanterns and fires. Wake up the long sleeping inhabitants, but beware of what else might come to life in this story-driven short adventure.

Jasper and the City of Lights is a calm and family-friendly game without any combat or dangers. Your main challenge is to spark the light and warmth within the forest with the help of a little shooting star that guides your way. You can explore the world and the story at your own pace, each book features about 1 hour of story.

About Developer

At Rivers and Wine Studios, we aim to bring stories and worlds to life and make them experiencable. When developing our games, we strive for an immersive experience achieved through strong atmosphere, heartwarming stories, and beautiful, coherent worlds. In doing so, we aim to keep the barrier to entry very low.

Our games are aimed at creative people like us, casual gamers, but also those who don't have much experience with the medium of games. In terms of platforms, we focus on the Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC, for which we successfully develop and optimize games.

Our team was formed during our studies in Intermedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Driven by the passion for interactive stories, we finally founded the company Rivers and Wine Studios in Cologne. Our games should be nothing less than declarations of love to our target group and as such, with a lot of detail and effort, they should give players the opportunity to immerse themselves and be enchanted.