Indie Cup Germany’22

Iron Guardian


Main Idea

Iron Guardian is a cyberpunk mecha adventure in which you scavenge for trash and upgrade the giant robot that you've found in the abandoned industrial sector that lies like a maze below the city. Escape the soldiers, punch through walls and jump on top of buildings.

Main Description

Orphans of the mega city are called scavengers, collecting trash and scrap metal, and selling it to survive. You've never met your parents, this is the only life you know. Your dream is to escape this dystopian city in which the military police controls every step. While scavenging you find a giant robot from the days before. With the help of your friend, a mechanic, you repair your robot. Unlocking new abilities will open up new pathways as you navigate the underground city maze to finally leave the city.

This game was originally made for a game jam in 10 days, I have since expanded on it and will continue to do so.

About Developer

I'm Sebastian, online also known as gypynkt. I'm a self-taught indie dev who started his game dev journey during the first wave of lockdowns in 2020. Using visual scripting tools has allowed me to quickly learn how to put together gameplay mechanics and still focus on the aesthetic of my game projects to satisfy my roots in photography and visual story telling.