Indie Cup Germany’22


Sven Rahn

Main Idea

A story-based real-time Strategy Game where you try to loot an Alien Planet.

Main Description

The earth’s resources are depleted, and the energy crisis is imminent. But there is still hope – the discovery of a distant world, which is rich in a new kind of natural energy resource. The name of the new world is “Grimstar”. That is where your brother lost his life, and the laws of the company he worked for require you to take his place until his contract is fulfilled. So you set out to do your service and to discover more about your brother's death.... Grimstar is a real-time strategy game about exploiting a foreign planet as efficiently as possible.

About Developer

I'm Sven Rahn, the only developer of this RTS Game. I'm 38 years old and came from Nuremberg in Germany. When i not develop games, i work for an Software Developer Company which provides Tour operator Systems for Tourism industry.