Indie Cup Germany’22


Moonlit Monitors UG

Main Idea

Germinal is a single-player precision platformer about staying healthy while being quarantined with your infected roommate. Avoid all germs with the help of your disinfection jetpack and deal with the developing mysophobia ruining your life.

Main Description

Help Greg stay healthy during an epidemic as he jumps, hovers and cleans his way through quarantine with his disinfectant jetpack.Witness his developing mysophobia* express itself in the increasingly difficult game play, and replay the game to master the mechanics or search for more story bits.

*(fear of contamination)

* Five unique stages with over 500 rooms!
* An additional hardmode for every stage!
* Designed with accessibility and speedrunning in mind!
* Amazing game feel through the precise yet permissive jetpack mechanic!
* A respectful, well researched deep dive into life with a debilitating mental disorder!
* A gripping soundtrack including tracks from award-winning composer Sam Shandley!

* Full button remapping
* Infinite fuel mode and invincibility mode
* Options to control screenshake, rumble and brightness
* Playable with colour blindness
* Option to turn on fixed jump height
* Option to turn down Visual Effects (planned)

About Developer

Moonlit Monitors is a team of seven young game developers who found each other in their early semesters at university and are making games together since.

We create games that intertwine serious topics with engaging gameplay, and aim to inform as well as entertain.