Indie Cup Germany’22


Emergo Entertainment

Main Idea

Fireside is a wholesome game about the breaks on a journey. Do talking & trading instead of hacking and slaying. The game is about evening at the campfire, the travelers in the wilderness and their lives and daily problems. It is the opposite of the epic adventure.

Main Description

In Fireside, you inherited a house in the wilderness next to which a spirit is trapped in a shrine. You must help the spirit by gathering good karma. In turn, it helps you in rebuilding your home.

Travel the wilderness and meet fellow travelers and residents at the campfire. You can talk, trade, and cook at the fireside and help the people you meet.

The game loop follows a rogue-lite structure but does not have a combat system or permadeath. It is a very wholesome, heartwarming and calming experience.

About Developer

Emergo Entertainment is a new studio from Bayreuth/Germany. We are a hybrid agency developing games for the B2C consumer market as well as using our know-how to develop appliations & serious games for industry.

The team for Fireside consists of Carl-Philipp Hellmuth (Game Design, Code), Paul Redetzky (Producing, Code), Linus Gärtig (Art, Animation), Matthias Meeh (Music, Sound) and Ilona Treml (Dialogue, Story).

We've been tightly involved with the German indie scene for many years helping to organize events such as the "Bayreuth Games Accelerator" or "Franken Game Jam".