Indie Cup Germany’22


Dream Squircle

Main Idea

ELEGIES: Aya is a thriller visual novel set in a modern-day city. Help Zach overcoming his trauma of losing his family, meet Aya - the ghost of a girl, and try to find out more about what happened in the past.

Main Description

ELEGIES: Aya is a modern-day thriller visual novel. Zach’s house is burning down. Even though he manages to escape from the fire, his parents are less fortunate. After losing consciousness, he wakes up in the hospital, where he meets an energetic, friendly girl named Aya. But there is more to Aya than what meets the eye, for it turns out that she’s . . . a ghost! What’s the deal with Aya, and why can only Zach see her?

Join Zach and Aya on their journey of overcoming trauma and discovering the mysteries surrounding Aya’s past. Only by working together can they conquer the difficulties they soon will face.

About Developer

Dream Squircle GmbH was founded in Essen, Germany in December 2021 with the goal of developing narrative videogames. We believe that video games can tell narrative stories far more immersive than any other medium could ever achieve. By creating an international team working remotely from all over the world we set out to work together under the indie name of Dream Squircle on our first visual novel ELEGIES: Aya.