Indie Cup Germany’22

Duru – About Mole Rats and Depression

Twisted Ramble Games

Main Idea

"Duru" is a 2D puzzle adventure about mole rats and depression. It shows how we all can help people affected by this illness without any dialogue. Players have to deal with an AI companion that works against them.

Main Description

"Duru" is a 2D puzzle adventure about mole rat Tuli and her unhelpful companion, that makes it tricky to solve everyday tasks and puzzles.

Set in a West-African inspired mole rat colony you play Tuli, one of the gatherers of the colony. One day everything becomes harder as Bel, an AI companion and the personification of Tuli's growing depression, joins the party.

While running, jumping and painting your way through the tunnels surrounding the colony you have to find a way to deal with Bel and its manipulative behaviour. Your constant companion moves objects you painted around, eats them and holds you back in which ever way possible. Learn to use Bels behaviour in a way that lets you progress.

"Duru" tells a story about depression and how we all can help people affected by this illness in a light-hearted and colorful way. The focus of the game is on misunderstandings that can happen in every day social situations with someone who suffers from it. The game shows which behaviour is helpful and which is harmful for people who are suffering from depression.

It is for those who want to learn about depression but are afraid of the topic. It is also a game for players who are looking for a different approach to puzzle platformers due to the AI companion, that works with and against players.

About Developer

Twisted Ramble Games tell stories about stigmatized topics like mental illness, social constraints and cultural differences. We want to present those topics from different perspectives and strengthen awareness. Thus we give new ways to solve problems and react healthier to difficult situations or persons affected by one of these topics and close the gap between serious games and entertainment.