Project Introduction

Defend your dome from wave after wave of hostile attacks in this roguelike survival miner. Use the time between each attack to dig beneath the surface in search of valuable resources. Use them carefully on powerful upgrades to help you stay alive and make it to the next world.

Drill tunnels beneath your dome in search of precious materials. Watch the time, you need to get back to the dome and be ready when the next wave of attack comes. How deep will you get this time? How much can you carry back?

Take control of the defenses and fend off the alien attacks. Air and ground, slow and fast, the attackers must be prioritized and dealt with before they tear your dome apart.

Use your mineral harvest to gain powerful upgrades; improve the strength of your weapon, make your drill more powerful, increase the speed of your jetpack and research other improvements. Find artifacts to give an extra boost to your survival odds.

About Developer

Bippinbits is my wife Anne and i, René. Anne makes Pixel Art, and i do Game Design, Programming, Production and Direction. We always loved gaming together. I've always had a passion for making games too, for which i was able to slowly motivate Anne to join in and grow her Art skills. It's great fun to work as a couple.

We started participating in game jams in 2017, mostly Ludum Dare, after starting a lot of too big projects before. In 2021 we made Dome Romantik in our tenth Ludum Dare, and it was so popular we decided to continue development under the new name Dome Keeper. Cameron Paxton joined us to make music for the game, and Martin Kvale to make sounds.

We continued to get some freelance help, having John Watson to help with the graphics programming and Brandon Schenk to help with Pixel Art, especially animations. This was possible thanks to Raw Fury seeing potential in Dome Romantik and becoming our publisher. My life long dream of making games full time thus came to be, starting this year, and i still can't quite believe it.

In our region in Germany there are barely any developers. We are happy though that we were accepted into a regional program called Mediastart, which does help setting up Bippinbits as a proper Business and connects us to other developers and film makers in the region.