Indie Cup Germany’22


Felicitas Brämer

Main Idea

Inspired from the popular Thief and Splinter Cell games, Delightfyl is a first person story driven Stealth adventure. The term immersive-sim was also flying around alot, featuring games like deus ex and prey 2017.

Main Description

Delightfyl is a hardcore stealth game, light and sound will be your worst enemies but you could also use them to your adventage! Shoot out lightsources, move around slowly... and listen in closely to the noises your enemies make.

Stealing valuable belongings is your handy work, as you have to pay rent... but sometimes its more personal... so you have to take risks. It gets stupid, monsters break out and youre not ready for it... So just crawl back into the shadows where you belong!

About Developer

My name is Felicitas Brämer, i am 28 years youngs and i am a force to reckon with!
2018 i successfully completed my studies at a gamedev school in Leipzig and since then ive been building away at games.
2022 in march i was nominated for the DCP, a german games award and went home with 25K euro, which i have yet to receive actually... Soon!

My dream is to make my own games studio in Leipzig, i want to build a few job positions here and fulfill the dream i always had... Its not about the if, i will definitly succeed!