Farbspiel Interactive

Belonging is a treasure hunt that combines the deduction gameplay of Return of the Obra Dinn with the Brain Dance Mini-Game in Cyberpunk and adds a dash of the interactive Storytelling from Firewatch.

As a thief you are on a remote cult estate with two objectives: document valuables that your organization can steal and on a more personal level: find an old friend who left to join the cult that has now mysteriously vanished. To aid you, you are supplied with an AR software that downloaded all of the cults security system. That includes data showing you recordings on what happened just before everyone, Including your friend, vanished. So as you move through the estate and document belongings you are confronted with what happened and how you might be messing with a potential crime scene by removing some of the valuables that are doubling up as evidence.

What can you remove? What will let the cult members off the hook? The player can decide who is responsible for what happened by deciding what objects they will take in the end. It might seem easy but the way the cult members are written they are all relatable in their own way.

About Developer

Farbspiel Interactive came together as a team of 7 (plus our 3 amazing Freelancers) to push media which wants to hear gender diverse voices and shed light on relevant subjects that are better experienced than witnessed. Farbspiel Interactive consists of both industry veterans and newbies, combining fresh perspectives and the knowledge to build our vision.

We want to be colorful in our company presentation but serious when it comes to subject-matter of our games, tackling social and political themes that move us as individuals and many others in our daily lives and turn them into gameplay scenarios that challenge the player to empathize through playing.