Jun 21 – Aug 18, 2022

3D illustration of a trophy with orange and black gradient on its surface.

Grand Jury Award

Negative Atmosphere Fall Of Porcupine XEL ABRISS - Build to destroy Chained Echoes M.S. Salmon Soulitaire Dome Keeper Drova - Forsaken Kin

Rising Star Award

Iron Guardian Tiny Bookshop ABRISS - Build to destroy Skuggor Numina Soulitaire RAIDBORN

Critics’ Choice Award

Hell Pie Tiny Bookshop Fall Of Porcupine ABRISS - Build to destroy PRIM BACKPACK HERO Chained Echoes Dome Keeper

Unreal Engine Award

Pawn's Gambit Skuggor Link The Cubes Rough Justice: '84 BattleJuice Alchemist

Most Charming Game

Tiny Bookshop Fall Of Porcupine Odbo! Lunistice M.S. Salmon