Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Travel back to the colorful, hand-animated world of Polisemia, and join Zid, a young dinosaur from the forests of Magmosia, as he's on a mission to reunite a carnivorus hatchling with its parents, as well as uncover his own mysterious origins. The road will be long and hard, as apparently the little one comes from a mysterious settlement deep in the heart of Northern Borderlands...

Featuring colourful, saturday morning cartoon-like and hand-animated visuals, comic-book vibe, a wide variety of era-accurate (and seldom seen in other media) dinosaur species, relaxing point 'n click gameplay, and a little dinosaur hatchling in your backpack (with its own unique gameplay sections!), Zid Journey is a wholesome adventuring experience for everyone!

Charming, quirky, crafted with care and packing more content than you'd expect, Zid Journey aims to be yet another enjoyable experience for both beginners and veterans of adventure game genere alike!

About Developer

We're a couple from Cracow, Poland, working on games together! Łukasz is a programmer and writer, while Karolina is an artist, animator and designer.
We've managed to create and release Zniw Adventure on our own (working in our bedroom, with no dedicated budget or publisher) back in 2020, with help from our Polish friends, as well as Denis - the man behind ZA's soundtrack.

We're now developing a sequel, Zid Journey, since 2022, but this time with proper budget, and two additional team members - Aiyana (animator) and Ben (background artist)!