Content Warnings

Frequent display of blood, which can be optionally turned off in the in-game settings.

Project Introduction

Danger Lurks at Zero Below

Zero Below The Sun is a action survival horror game inspired by the classics, with 90's retro aesthetic in full low-res 3D.

You are Axel Bowers, a security officer at a secret underground Antarctic facility. When suddenly a full lock-down is engaged and disaster is imminent, you have to make your way through the corridors in a familiar over-the-shoulder 3rd person view and arm yourself to the teeth with military grade weaponry, as you discover the frozen terror that awaits you.

Find survivors, collect equipment and investigate what caused the lock-down. But some things are not what they seem and what looks to be survivors might be something else. Expect the unexpected, but don't expect to survive.
Your trip home is cancelled.

Gameplay inspired by classic survival horror, but with modern controls and visuals reminiscent of retro low-res 3D games of the mid-90's. Run, strafe, roll and aim and shoot to stay alive. Zero in on enemies' limbs with precision if you are feeling adventurous.

Battle your way through increasingly mutated enemies in the gloomy hallways of the multi-level underground facility and arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons from the armory. Find special 'Mod Discs' to further enhance your weapons. Be sure to also save your progress by the auxiliary phones.

Meet survivors, find clues, solve puzzles and discover the frozen new threat and stop it from escaping its icy prison and endangering the world. Will you survive the frozen terror?

About Developer

Black Curtain Studio is a one man indie game developer located in Malmö, southern Sweden. The name as a developer has been around for the past >15 years, but was officially founded in early 2015. I'm striving to create original and fun games, sometimes using everyday concepts and have mostly niched in on the horror genre. Past released games include "One Late Night" for PC, a mobile strategy-type game called "Paper Craft Battles" for Android and iOS, the action/horror/exploration game "MÅRD" and more recently "Parked In The Dark" for Android and also "Hustomten" - a short Christmas themed horror arcade style game for PC.