Content Warnings

No, the game is really feel-good.

Project Introduction

Zefyr is a super feel-good odyssey with a nostalgic & contemplative vibe.

In a colorful archipelago, play as Eïko, a young & heartful thief studying at the Guild. Investigate kidnappings, steer clear of roaming pirates or fight them. Sail the ocean on a cute turtle and climb every island. Cure sick animals, and find the truth during this feel-good journey.

This game is a love letter to old school delightful adventure games like "Beyond Good and Evil", "Zelda Windwaker", "Okami"... With this game I wanted to recreate the amazing feeling of discovery and freedom we experience when we are kids, playing around, exploring and imagining epic stories with friends, all wrapped in a positive mood.

Here's what you'll do in the game:

Explore a colorful open world: Climb everywhere, grapple to distant walls, jump from heights, crouch through small tunnels to find secrets, and ride a turtle on the ocean to discover a vibrant open-world. The game has no penalties for super high jumps or failed landings. This encourages the player to fully explore.

Choose stealth or action: Be it pirates, guards, robots or other thieves, you'll face many challenges during your missions. You are free to play sneakily or go straight to confrontation. But choose carefully!

Size quests and collectibles: Look for sick animals and cure them with fruits! Collect flowers, recover lost paintings and loot crystal gemstones. Many side quests await you in this feel-good world. Will you find them all?

Epic bosses: During your journey, you’ll encounter ancient corrupted Guardians. Some will block your path, others will be well hidden. You’ll have to cure them like any other animal, but they each offer a challenge related to a special ability of the hero. Will you be able to bring back peace to these giant creatures?

Unlock skills and items: The game offers a metroidvania progression through various items to unlock: bo stick, fruits, fins, flute, slingshot, turtle, bows, bombs and grapple.

Puzzles and investigation: Talk to people, find clues, follow leads, chase culprits and uncover the truth behind the mysterious kidnappings.

About Developer

Hi there, I'm Mathias :) I'm a French solo game dev. I've been passionate about video game creation since I'm 6, so it's been a while now (I'm 41)! I do everything alone because I absolutely love every part of it (and also because I absolutely have no budget).

I've been working on this game for more than 11 years now ! It's truly a labor of passion and love! I'm a self-taught coder, designer, artist and musician. Making a video game is my dream job, because it combines all that I love. It comes at a high cost of instability, countless work hours, uncertain outcome, and some ups and downs in moral, but this is what I truly believe in.

As I conceptualized the game, I naturally gravitated towards creating a colorful adventure game, as that's what captivated me during my childhood. I'm quite nostalgic by nature, and this aligns closely with the cherished memories I have of playing with my brother and friends. We spent countless hours playing video games, but we also embarked on adventures exploring the countryside on our bikes, often stumbling upon unexpected places. My design choices have been heavily influenced by the classic games I played during that time (such as Rayman, Beyond Good and Evil, Zelda, FFVII...), so if you look closely, you may notice traces of these influences in my game. Ultimately, it's a game about freedom and exploration, mirroring the experiences of my childhood and resonating with my present pursuits.

Hopefully, this experience can resonate with a lot of people in Europe (but elsewhere too) as I guess (and hope) we had similar childhoods, full of friends, adventures and games.