Project Introduction

Yurei is a top-down, arena-style slasher game. Face off fearsome enemies where you will slash, dodge, and eliminate those that stand on your path for revenge. Grab your katana, fight with honor, and prove your skills.

The gameplay is centered around dashing. Your dash and attack are combined. You can also hold to charge your dash attack so it becomes stronger and the distance is longer. All of this is tied to stamina, which leads to you having to pay attention to when to attack.

You are a samurai that was betrayed and killed. You end up a ghost with no memory, that terrifies the locals in an abandoned mine. After an encounter with Death, memories of your past life rush into your mind. Motivated by this curiosity, Yurei decides to leave the abandoned mine and seek the truth.

About Developer

I am a solo-developer from Brazil that has been living in the UK for the past 3 years. I work full time as a game developer and work on my solo indie projects on the weekends. I am trained as programmer but over the years I have also studied game design.

I like to wear different hats and work on different areas of the game. Aside from programming and design; doing UX and level design is also fun.

I want to keep making independent projects. My goal after Yurei is to learn pixel art for my next projects and produce games in shorter amount of time.