Project Introduction

Bid farewell to mundane end-games! In Yield!, we’ve redefined the genre by challenging you to make impactful decisions swiftly. Every move counts, and every choice echoes through history. Will you build an empire or crumble like ancient ruins?
Procedurally generated maps ensure limitless replayability—each mission, a fresh saga; each campaign, a new epic. Whether in custom mode, multiplayer, or co-op, the thrill of fresh conquest awaits.
Our game world is expansive, yet each core battle is intensely focused. Conquer provinces, expand your dominion, and immerse yourself in the drama of ancient Rome. You’ll find yourself playing longer than planned, driven by the desire to claim that one more province.
Yield! offers eight distinct factions, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Your strategic choices will determine your fate. Master each faction’s strengths, exploit their weaknesses, and outwit your enemies. Victory awaits those who choose wisely.

About Developer

Our ambition is to create fun and engaging gaming experiences while developing game technology that can be used not only for Yield!, but also forms the basis for future turn-based strategy games. The team consists of two brothers who complement each other very well, in addition to two skilled interns who contribute with very important expertise in UI/UX and marketing.

Although the team does not have much experience to show from previous releases, we make the most of our new approach and so far the material we have shared seems to resonate well with the target audience. We have also been very focused on networking with people in the gaming industry, both in Norway and internationally. This has been done by attending different conferences like Gamescom, Nordic Game, Pocket Gamer and PAX east. We usually keep in touch with the strategy game communities and people we meet through relevant discord servers and by meeting them in person if we are going to the same conferences.