Content Warnings

PEGI 18, Violence

Project Introduction

Lead the Cult:
* Assume the mantle of cult leadership.
* Decide the fate of each follower: work, conquer, or give their life in a dark ritual?
* Address routine affairs, such as proclaiming dogmas, announcing celebrations, and conversing with His servants.
* All to achieve the singular goal that matters—awakening your god.

Build a City:
* Only a strong cult can accomplish the impossible and awaken the Old One, and only a strong cult will be tolerated by Cthulhu.
* Create and expand cities on multiple islands that not only sustain your followers but thrive thanks to connection with your God
* Carefully manage your production chains, workers, and dangerous ruins that take up precious space.

Perform Dark Rituals:
* Engage with the Great One, Dagon, and other entities from Lovecraft's mythology through rituals.
* Rituals grant you knowledge and supernatural blessings.
* Increase your power and expand your city with the blessings you receive.

Conquer Non-Believers:
* As in all Lovecraft stories, you are just a part of a bigger world.
* Non-believers serve as a great source of land, resources, and manpower.
* Conquer, pillage, sacrifice, or convert—whatever suits you best.

Immerse yourself in the Lovecraft’s realm:
* Start with little knowledge about the surrounding world.
* Slowly begin to understand the supernatural realm.
* Everything is wrapped up in Lovecraft's language and writing style.

About Developer

Crazy Goat Games (or CCG for short) is an indie game studio based in Poland with over 12 years of experience in making products for our clients. We recently started developing games of our own and we are here to stay. We do feel attraction to everything connected to building and strategizing so you can be sure our games will include a lot of that! Always with a twist!

Previous or upcoming titles:
Worshippers of Cthulhu (2024) - self published
Republic of Pirates (2024) - published by PQube -
Dragoness: Command of the Flame (2021) - published by PQube -
Brave Furries (2014) - self published