Project Introduction

Wild Rumble is a 3-on-3 soccer game that combines the intensity of soccer with the progression of the roguelike genre. Players choose a team of three characters and compete in consecutive matches where they must score goals while facing challenges and making strategic decisions.

Each match is different from the last and hides new opponents and challenges. As the player progresses through the game, they unlock new characters, abilities and power-ups that make the game experience different in each match.

- Immersive story: Join Zowi and his endearing friends like Jaimito the penguin or Krush the dinosaur, who have been invited to play in the most famous tournament in the world: the WILD RUMBLE. However, it won't be long before they discover that the tournament is a cover that hides a much greater purpose. Who is behind it all?

- Soccer without rules: With no fouls or offsides, each match becomes a unique mix of tactics and surprises, with dynamic stadiums full of dangers and increasingly strong opponents.

- Unlockables: As they progress through the story and win matches, players will unlock new characters, maps and cosmetic outfits with which to customize characters. This creative approach encourages experimentation and ensures that every session is an opportunity to discover something new.

- Play with friends: Become the king of the field and rise to the top alone or with friends - do you have what it takes to reach the top of Wild Rumble and leave your mark on soccer history?

About Developer

Founded in 2022 by four young individuals, Mean Mink is an indie game development studio that seeks to consolidate and expand with its first project, Wild Rumble.

Rafael, Sergio, Max and Carles, the founders of the studio, met in 2018 and were already working on personal projects then. It was 4 years later, with the need to offer a fun video game, that the idea of Wild Rumble was born: a soccer and roguelike game with refreshing gameplay and entertaining replayability.

Since January 2022, when we started iterating on the first prototype of the game, we have taken our project to a variety of fairs and events:

- Bilbao International Games Conference 2022
- Gamescom 2023
- IndieDevDay 2023 -> Wild Rumble: Best Sports Video Game 2023
- Gamescom 2024 (Soon)

Currently, the game is in Alpha status and we are still looking for a Publisher interested in collaborating with us with: financing, marketing, QA and porting to consoles.