Project Introduction

The game's visual appeal lies in its unique approach to design: while the characters and
backgrounds are rendered as 2D assets, they are originally created in immersive 3D environments
and then pre-rendered to give a distinct and engaging look. Players embark on an adventure with two characters, Hector and Margaret, each bringing their own unique perspectives and abilities to the gameplay. As the story unfolds, players can switch between these characters to solve various quests and challenges. The game is infused with a continuous strand of nonsensical humor and ironic wit, making for an entertaining and unpredictable journey.
Interactions in the game are primarily mouse-driven, offering a straightforward and intuitive
gameplay experience. However, for those seeking a bit more flexibility, there are also secondary
keyboard shortcuts. The game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable whether using a mouse or
a gamepad. "Whirlight" also introduces an element of genre fusion by incorporating short mini-games, offering a delightful mix of gameplay styles. These mini-games serve as refreshing interludes, adding depth and diversity to the traditional point-and-click adventure format. This innovative approach ensures that "Whirlight" stands out in the adventure game genre, offering both a nostalgic nod to the past and a fresh, modern gaming experience.

About Developer

imaginarylab is an italian indie team composed of three people plus other external freelancers that
cover the other development phases. All team members have always been passionate about graphic
adventures. So, we decided it was time to develop our own IPs.
We developed and published our first game, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town, in August
2020 on Steam and GOG , June 2021 on Nintendo Switch and June 2022 on XBOX and PS4.
Ciro Camèra
Founder and 3D artist. A full-time 3D artist that works on different projects ranging from
architectural rendering (exteriors and interiors) to asset creation for software houses, to
commercials and everything else in which 3D graphics are involved.
Massimo Origano
Founder and software engineer. In the team he has the role of solving, through code and scripts, any
problems that are encountered in the development phase.
Emiliano Salardi
3D artist and animator. His area of expertise deals with animation, especially character animation.