Project Introduction

In the game, you take procedurally generated assignments in order to progress, earn in-game currency, and unlock new modules for your space station (which functions as the lobby/main menu). The assignments can range from "Defeat the boss" to "Destroy the facility". Then, you can proceed with landing onto the surface.

Upon landing, you will find yourself in a procedurally generated lab full of enemies. The action segment as well as the design were somewhat inspired by the original DOOM games. It is fast-paced and requires quick reactions, especially in the arenas. When a player enters an arena, the doors lock and the fight begins. Every arena fight has randomized parameters such as waves, enemy count, etc. Sometimes, arenas can be quite challenging, so giving the player only one chance can be very frustrating. That's why we provided the 3 lives system: when a player dies, the number of chances decreases by one, and the player needs to pass a minigame in order to stay alive.

At the same time, you have to manage your ammunition - the main way to acquire it is not so obvious! While there are a lot of ammo crates laying around the level, it is barely enough to survive. The primary method to obtain ammo in the middle of the fight is to explode enemies using grenades, rocket launchers, or explosives placed on the map. After beating the arena, the player receives a few crates with random weapons as a reward. Finally, after completing the last part of the mission that depends on the assignment taken, the player receives currency for completing the mission and a brief summary about the last run.

About Developer

We are two indie developers, BITOMIX and Gojo, from Ukraine. Before starting work on Welcome to HELL (WTH), we were each working on our individual projects. Finally, in February 2024, we decided to team up and collaborate on game development.

BITOMIX - My real name is Vlad, and I have been programming in Unity for over 5 years. Prior to that, I spent numerous years learning various skills ranging from basic coding logic to design and web applications. I can code in languages such as C, C++, C#, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, and Python. Additionally, I play on the guitar and compose annoying sounds myself ;)

Gojo - Hello, my name is George. I've been making games in Unity for more than 4 years. My programming journey took its start in my school, where I was visiting an IT club. After 2 years, a war broke out in my country, and I wasn't able to come to school for lessons. Since then, I began to learn programming all by myself to this day. In the time from May 2022 until 27th February 2023, I made about 6 projects in total. The last project I was working on before teaming up with Bitomix was a game in the Tower Defense genre called Stonefield. Usually, the scales of our single projects were too big for one person to handle, so we decided to form a team to create an even better gaming experience together.