Project Introduction

A Co-op, Adventure, Puzzle-platformer, Exploration game.
The game is an original lore of small and magical creatures called Weeny Wise. Weeny Wise is a heavy co-op focused game that tries to make use of two-player cooperation and create conditions with its mechanics and level design to make an enjoyable co-op experience.
This game is being developed by Unco Games in collaboration with two other startups, Rebellis and Dynamic Pixels.

The game's story begins in a time when a sorcerer named Ragna has returned after many years and seeks to unite the weeny wise using the talisman he has gained to engage in an all-out war against humans, a malevolent revenge plot that threatens the annihilation of the human race. However, in our journey, we accompany Anneli and Hugo, the heroes of our story to resist and prevent this from happening. They are students at a magical school who were of the few who managed to survive the Ragna attack. Now, they are on a quest to obtain the Four Seals of imprisoned magic to defeat Ragna's magic and save weeny wise and humans from the war.

About Developer

In the beginning, we were just a group of tiny souls, eager to learn how to create a game. After developing small and simple mobile games in partnership with other studios, we decided to found UncoGames Studio to chase our dreams.

We develop games that lead you to unknown adventures through stories. They are not just games for us, but the worlds we live in and are eager to share with you.

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