Project Introduction

Imagine a world where D&D meets demolition derby. Add arenas, traps, upgrades and customizations within a medievalpunk framework. This and much more is War of Wheels. Face the singleplayer campaign or the PvP arena mode choosing from six available classes, each deeply characterized, such as the armored knight, the insidious ranger, or the unpredictable barbarian. A modern revisitation of the arcade vehicles fighting games born between the ‘90 - ‘00, inspired by Mount&Blade consolidated game mechanics. Discover the lore, gather resources, use different weapons, skins and colors, add decorations to create the perfect gladiatorial machine. Go pedal to the metal and crash your enemies or shoot them from the distance, explore the world map or challenge other real players and conquer glory.

About Developer

We're a small game development studio born in the city of Bologna in 2021 facing the huge challenges of our first game. The team is scattered throughout Italy, with most people residing in Turin, Milan and Bologna, composed of both "seniors" and "juniors" professionals, most of them former students of specialized schools. Dreambits was the winner of the first edition of "Bologna Game Farm", an Italian public call that funded the development of War of Wheels prototype.