Project Introduction

V's Rage is a parody game and an homage to the games and animes from the '90es, with hand-drawn characters and a dynamic, varied gameplay. V’s Rage aims to give back the feeling of going from one game to another as it happened in the arcade rooms by offering four different styles of gameplay: beat-'em-up, shoot-em-all, runner.

"Rise from your bed…"
These are the words that V, an overworked wife and mother who hates videogames, hears in her sleep right before waking up in her worst nightmare: she has been cursed and trapped in the world of videogames by a mysterious entity, a divine being that calls himself the “god of entertainment”. This god wants to teach her the “meaning of fun” so she forces her to play the videogames. Now she must beat any foe unlucky enough to cross her path, and free herself from a crazy low-poly world inhabited by odd creatures by beating them with her pan.
V's Rage is a metaphor of the history of video games and in particular of the arcade period, and how they evolved not only in terms of gameplay but also in terms of character representation. This is done in a symbolic way through the game's protagonist, V: at the beginning she is represented as a stereotype, very much present in the first video games that were often sponsored only for a very narrow target audience; later she grows and becomes the modern representation of the current video game scene that instead caters to a much broader and diversified audience. During her adventure, V will punish various characters who tell her what she can and cannot do, and will eventually become aware of her strength.

About Developer

We are a small team from Asti, in Italy.
Our team members are:
- Giuseppe Verrua, CEO and programmer
- Stefania Caretta, main artist (animations, 2D sprites, concept art)
- Angelise Frank, 3D artist and UX/UI designer