Content Warnings

Graphical violence and blood.

Project Introduction

The narrative follows the journey of a shattered volkhv (a priest) looking for a redemption after an event that lead to the death of his sister.
Along the way, he must learn to harness his spirituality and confront not only his internal demons but also remnants of the Avar Khaganate and mythical creatures from Slavic folklore.
Personal story on the background of the real historical events that formed Great Moravia - Central Europe Slavic State.

Main story: ∼8 hours
Side content: ∼4 hours
2x2km semi-open world with corridor like missions

-Great story & handcrafted world: An emphasis on quality storytelling, capable of evoking emotion and compassion with the protagonist in the player.
-Mix of history and mythology: Historical facts and a realistic setting form the foundation of the main story. What sets it apart from pure historical drama is the protagonist's connection with the world of pagan gods.
-Impactful and playful combat: Souls-like combat inspired by God of War (2018) and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

-Progressing the story via dialog, 2D cutscenes and mission-like quests placed in corridorish locations.
-Exploring semi open world areas and finding hidden spots.
-Progressing the character via simple leveling system.
-Additional gameplay activities: puzzle solving, performing pagan rituals or anihilating Avar camps.

Souls-lite combat mechanics are core element and offer the combination of well familiar light and heavy attack, dodge, roll, block and parry. Light and heavy attacks can be combined to powerful combos that will be unlocked through the game. Each weapon has its own skill (similar to Elder Ring). Druid-like gameplay is achieved by “myth skills” which are powerful nature elemental skills that only main protagonist can perform.

Gameplay Features
Souls-lite combat melee actions
Bow-ranged mechanics
Scripted traversal system
Mythological and weapon skills
Passive perks
3 different playstyles
Loot and gear upgrade
Enemy variation and boss battles

Main story - fully voice acted storyline
Side activities - simplified pagan rituals, clearing avar camps
Loot - weapons, armors, consumables
Occasional puzzles
Codex - know the history and myths
Simplified cinematics - 2D animated and narrated sketches

Music (sing) for the game uses reconstructed version of the language used in Great Moravia.

About Developer

About developer:
10+ years in the creative industry as project manager for several live entertainment companies (theaters, contemporary circus and dance) as well as for film and fashion makers.
2+ years as a producer of Tech Art and Character TDs teams
in Hangar 13 (2K) working on Mafia franchize and TopSpin 2k25.

About "studio":
With the first title, Vranygrai, the main goal is to grow up to 10 people working under the label and establish new IP on the market of story driven fantasy games. The original story can be released as trilogy with a great potential for spin offs due the rich world background.

Main pillars of all the games released should follow a similar formula - a great story worth to telling.

Studio currently cooperates with several other people on work for hire basis, such as:
- most important cooperation is done with writter Michaela Stalova (she/her). Complete lore and dialogs are up to her.

- other cooperations:
3D artist Marie Benesovska
music composer Jan Balcar
concept artist Tomas Letal