Project Introduction

Enter the whimsical and perilous world of Not Quite A Fairy Tale, a game that masterfully combines rogue-like RPG exploration, collectible card game (CCG) strategy, and Match-3 battles. Navigate through procedurally generated dungeons, solve mystical puzzles, collect and upgrade powerful cards, and engage in dynamic Match-3 combat. Each decision and match can change the course of your adventure in this darkly humorous and captivating fairy tale.

Diverse Hero Roster
Play as various heroes, each with their own unique talents and abilities. Remember, permadeath adds high stakes to your choices.

Endless Replayability
Procedurally generated dungeons and a diverse range of collectible cards ensure no two journeys are alike.

Cards collection skill system
Collect skill and spell cards for upgrades and combine them into an individual, perfectly tailored deck for each character based on their talents.

Strategic and Tactical Depth
Build your deck, plan your moves, and optimize your Match-3 battles to overcome a variety of challenges.

Moral Decisions
Your choices can turn heroes towards good or evil, affecting their talents and skills and creating a dynamic gameplay experience.

Discover a world where fairy tales are not quite what they seem. Play Not Quite A Fairy Tale and embark on a journey full of surprises and strategic challenges.

About Developer

Veteran gamers who enjoy classic RPG and turn-based strategy games, boasting over 15 years of game development expertise