Project Introduction

In this open-world action platformer inspired by the classics, you will embark on an epic adventure full of perils and secrets. Explore distinct forsaken lands of Devetlam and fight your way by jumping on your enemies or showering them with a plethora of magic spells.

Nature of the world has withered away due to magic-absorbing crystals.
Play as Hana, a cat-like member of magic-attuned kemime race, in her grand adventure to restore the magic to the world. Explore long-forgotten ruins of ancient civilizations and gain power in order to overthrow technological empire that feeds on the world's misery. Meet friends and enemies as you traverse across 8+ vast lands seeking the destruction of crystals that killed the nature.

The World:
A great cataclysm of times forgotten has transformed the world of Devetlam into scattered floating islands. Each landmass comes with unique environment and dangers. From depths of the ocean, through vast deserts to the peaks of frigid mountains, find your way as you traverse long-abandoned remains of the past. The lands are inhabited by dangerous creatures that evolved in a harsh environment.

On your way you will also come across modern settlement and secret facilities full of deadly robots and mechanical defenses. The technological forces of Metropolis will try to stop you from reviving the world's nature.

- Explore a big, interconnected world divided into multiple distinctive lands full of forsaken ruins and secrets.
- Platforming-focused gameplay with smooth controls. Run, jump and slide through various obstacles and your foes.
- Gain new powers and abilities to open new paths and ways of navigation.
- Destroy your enemies with your boots or magic spells. Plenty of different weapons and special equipment to customize how you fight.
- Find and upgrade magical flowers to unlock powerful attacks. Strategize and swap spells depending on the situation.
- Multiple endings that will require you to go to great lengths and discover long-lost mysteries.
- Enjoy over 2 hours of music composed specially for the game.

With jumping on enemies being one of your primary means of attack, Voice of Flowers puts great focus on character movement and controls. Rediscover many elements from the old classics as they are put together with new twists. The world is full of challenges that will put your skills to the test.

About Developer

We are a small team: Kobewi a dev/designer, Ailish the artist, Marek Domagała the composer, and myself gremlin on duty Leszek Nowak.
Kobewi lead designer straight out of university became core developer of Godot Engine and lead programmer of Lumencraft game. In his free time made his dream game: Voice of Flowers. The rest of us is trying to keep up with the development.
We are self funding the project. We are stationed in medieval city of Kraków full of game development studios and strong indie scene (5th biggest Global Game Jam site in the world).