Project Introduction

Vault of Power is a roguelike auto-battler. It is similar to titles like Teamfight Tactics (in League of Legends) and Despots Game. You enter dungeons, and the goal is try to reach the end and defeat the boss. You are in control of a player unit, and you can buy and equip spells to get stronger and get more allies. Battles play out automatically, where the focus is on watching the big flashy effects and satisfying damage numbers. The game has currently over 50 unique skills, where each skill can be upgraded three times. By equipping skills of the same class, you get powerful bonuses. One example is raising an undead army as the Necromancer.

About Developer

My name is Jim Magnusson, and I'm a solo developer from Linköping, Sweden. I'm currently finishing up my studies in Computer Science and Engineering at the university, and I have been working on my first commercial game 'Vault of Power' in my spare time since last summer. I'm also part of a local game development community here in Linköping called East Sweden Game ( Currently interested in talking to publishers.