Project Introduction

In Vangaro Tactics you command a vibrant roster of cartoon units into turn-based battles. There's "normal" levels and Stealth Missions, where you infiltrate behind enemy lines at night, and should choose your moves carefully to avoid alerting too many foes.

You can capture factories to get gold and then recruit units in the barracks.
But there's also mining, which is a must for the Stealth Missions but can be an extra way of getting gold in "normal" levels. Minerals are limited, so taking them first can give you advantage over the enemy.

There's multiple asymmetric factions with their own unique commanders. I've put work into making each character feel unique and charming. They come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but they've all been tangled in the Vangaro War.

- Battle an array of charming commanders with game-changing powers
- Infiltrate enemy outposts at night on the Stealth Missions
- Command a colorful cartoon army of ground, air and sea units
- Master multiple asymmetric factions with exclusive units
- Capture buildings and mine limited resources to recruit new troops
- Experience how the Vangaro War unfolds from different commanders' point of view

About Developer

I first got into game development while studying Computer Science at university, I attended some hackathons and game jams were I learned about Unity.

The seed for Vangaro Tactics was planted in summer 2018 during a family trip to Scotland. I was already somewhat into world war 2 before, but there it was present in bookshops, monuments and there were some cool planes in the national museum too.
I was so inspired I ended up getting a book about the Royal Air Force innovations during its 100 years and a novel about British special forces that infiltrated behind enemy lines in the north of Africa (during ww2).

Back home I read part of the novel and started sketching and thinking how I could make a game about that. At one point I remembered I had played some Advance Wars when I was younger and that's when I though I could add my own spin on the idea with the Stealth Missions.

A few weeks later I presented my final project, a VR procedural dungeon "game" and the same afternoon started working on the pixel art prototype that would become Vangaro Tactics.

After uni I kept working on the game and attended more game jams, one got out of hands and ended up being the shoot 'em up Goya's Inferno.

So Vangaro Tactics is not my first game but it's my first commercial one, the one I hope allows me to make a living creating my own games.