Content Warnings

- Psychological horror elements such as kidnap, violence (no visual gore however), terror, death etc.
- Occasional use of profanities for realism of acting.

Project Introduction

1) You are essentially a now a puppet of a kidnapper who took your family; having to comply with every instruction to keep your family alive, sending you on a life and death adventure from 8pm to 4am where the story unfolds. Concurrently, you must also discover clues in your environment and make logical deductions and mystery-solving breakthroughs to help you escape your predicament and rescue your family. Throughout the entire ordeal you only speak to the kidnapper through a radio walkie-talkie.

2) The voice acting is believable and top tier. The sound design and atmosphere is creepy, tense and harrowing.

3) We are innovating on the typical horror environment visual style by making players rely on ambient indirect light (such as moonlight/street light leaking into a house) to navigate and detect threats instead of a typical torchlight in horror games. This way, the player can never clearly and comfortably see the threat but must use a mix of sound and visual cues to make judgement calls, which is different from typical horror games that uses flashlights for navigation in dark environments.

4) Clues in the game are directly born out of the narrative and therefore feels connected and immersive, instead of arbitrary "puzzles" that often does not make sense logically and are just lame, seen in most escape-room type games. This point can only truly be appreciated in the full game when the story is seen in its totality and how the clues from beginning to end all come together to reveal the way to victory for the player (script is already done). However, the content in the current demo is still sufficient to show how the mystery-solving is totally connected to the story and therefore increases your immersion and desire to find out what happens next.

Additional points about the game:
● The kidnapper speaks to you from a remote location through a handheld radio
● Since the kidnapper does not use a cell phone, it is impossible to trace his call
signals through cell towers.
● You are forced to carry out various instructions by the kidnapper to prolong
the life of your wife and daughter, which will take you through a long and
dangerous night from 8pm to 4am.
● Recognising that handheld radios are limited by their range, you are confident
the kidnapper is still calling from within your county, Fallstable County.
● You are gifted with a photographic memory. While you are carrying out the
demands of the kidnapper, uncover clues in your surroundings to track down
your family and rescue them.
● The demands of the kidnapper are not simple. Your life will be put at risk of a
variety of threats. Stealth mechanics are present. You must be stealthy as you
are observant.
● The full story, mystery, and game design are completed. The free demo will
only present ~20-25% of the entire experience, and the full game must be
played in order to reap the full rewards of rescuing your family through your
attention to detail, critical thinking and stealthiness.

About Developer

2 Man Team - Chu Boyan and Ali Fadlelmawla. Studio is based in London, United Kingdom. Chu works on story, art, sound and visual effects, as well as marketing. Ali works on code, animations and tech.